Olympische Spelen 2012
geplaatst op 30 januari 2011

Do you know how amateur boxers, qualify for the Olympics 2012?

As the 2012 London Olympic Games looms ever nearer, now is the time for Team GB’s current crop of amateur boxers to realise their dream of boxing in front of home support in this magnificent showpiece tournament.

Qualifying for an Olympic tournament must be a special feeling but representing the host nation in the Olympics is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The qualifying criteria has been laid out and it starts in September this year. For those who are not aware exactly what Team GB’s boxers have to achieve in order to qualify, the information below will reveal all.

The Men’s boxing event has 10 weight categories.

Light Fly (46kg to 49kg), Fly (up to 52kg), Bantam (up to 56kg), Light (up to 60kg), Light Welter (up to 64kg), Welter (up to 69kg), Middle (up to 75kg), Light Heavy (up to 81kg), Heavy (up to 91kg) and finally Super Heavy (91 kg and upwards).

Azerbaijan is playing host to the amateur world championships in September; this is the first chance to qualify for the Olympics.

There are a total of 92 qualifying slots up for grabs in this tournament. The top 10 fighters in each division automatically qualify - the eight quarter-finalists and the two boxers eliminated in the last 16 by the eventual winner and runner up.

Heavyweight and Super Heavyweight are slightly different. For them, the top six boxers qualify - the semi finalists and the two boxers defeated in the quarter-finals by the eventual winner and runner up.

After the World Championships the AIBA will look at how many quota places are left for each individual continent. Then there will be individual continental qualifying competitions which gives each country another opportunity to qualify any weight categories that did not make it through the World Championships. Any given country can only be given one participant per weight.

The European tournament will take place in March or April of 2012 in Istanbul. In the past there have been two continental qualifying tournaments but for 2012 only one continental tournament has been scheduled.

You have to take into consideration that these are not easy places to go and our boxers can often face hostile receptions, making an already huge challenge more difficult. As London is hosting the event, some special conditions have been applied to Team GB. They have been given five reserve places. So, for example, if they only qualified three boxers from Azerbaijan in September then team GB would have to nominate its reserved weight categories before the Euro tournament. If they failed to qualify any further boxers through the Euro competition then they would be allowed to put boxers into the previously selected weight categories.

This would be Team GB’s coach Rob McCracken’s job to pick the boxers from the relevant weights, thus ensuring that Team GB has five boxers competing at their home Olympics.

Don’t forget, Women’s boxing has now been added into the Olympic schedule. They compete at three weights - Fly (48-51kg), Light Welter (57 to 60kg) and Light Heavy (69 to 75kg). They will receive just one chance to qualify which will be the Women’s World Championships talking place in May 2012. (China ASch)

The Women from Team GB also have the right for one reserve place to ensure we have at least one competitor.

Submitted by Jon Briggs on 28 January, 2011 - 09:34

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