Ook goed nieuws m.b.t. EK 2011!!!
geplaatst op 21 maart 2011

Dit bericht werd zojuist, maandag 21 maart 2011, door Dhr. Chris Moerkerken als gedelegeerd bestuurder van de Nederlandse Boksbond verstuurd. Goed nieuws!

Dear boxing friends,


We are very happy to announce you that following the lift of the full provisional suspension of the Dutch Boxing Association, EUBC re-allocates the hosting rights of the European Women’s Boxing Championships 2011 to Netherlands and the city of Rotterdam.


Last year, during the bidding process Dutch Boxing Association made a very professional and interesting proposal to host the major event of Women boxing 2011, which was voted unanimously by EUBC Executive Committee. Since March 2010, Dutch Boxing Association and their sport partners have completed an enormous work in order to make of this Championships a great boxing festival, which will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Dutch Boxing Association.


Therefore, EUBC is pleased to confirm you that 8th European Women’s Championships will be held in Rotterdam as it was initially scheduled – on October 16-23, 2011.


We wish Dutch Federation to successfully finalize all preparations for the Championships and we are looking forward to seeing your National teams in Rotterdam.


With my best regards,


Humbert Furgoni

EUBC President



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